Week of Premieres is a special that going to air during the launch of Kids Channell!. It's going to feature the pilots of all of the shows on the first day, then


Di'angelo and the characters of the main shows will be in a party-like setting called the "Premiere Party" (a name going to be used for events similar like this). The whole thing is hosted by Di'angelo himself, who announces all of the shows that are going to be shown and makes sure the party goes accordly (in the bumpers). A running joke in one of the bumpers is that someone is painting the screen bug, as of which, it can be seen at the bottom of the screen with a tarp over it, for a surprise (as if no one knows what it already looks like). Di'angelo frequently checks on the painter and he usually keeps telling him he's still busy. When it hits 12am, the painter will be ready and will reveal the new logo. Unfortunately, Kids Channell! Dark comes on exactly at 12am, so everyone has to go to bed until tomorrow (a few of them not even realizing how late they stayed up). It's not even explained how KC!D has a logo already, yet the one for the daytime needed to be painted. Cartoon logic.

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