The Nickelodeon (abbr. TN) is a movie block on Kids Channell!. It's named after the 20th-century movie theaters, not the rival channel, as commonly thought. The bumpers are similar to the one made during Cartoon Network's 1990's era. Because of the name, Di'angelo (who is in charge of starting, running, maintaining, and stopping the films) has to use a nickel (which in Utopian money, would be $5) to start the films (only for the premieres), but can start already-shown films for free. 

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The bumpers are the main attraction of the block, beside

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The Movie Festivals are back-to-back hours long TN blocks. They are usually shown during the Summer or Winter school breaks.

Bluth-Fest - Showcasing many of Don Bluth's films.

Buddies-Fest - Showcasing many of the Buddies films.


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