The Cool Kids Club is an upcoming block for Kids Channell! featured edited-for-TV version of select The Adult Channel series (mainly consisting of Rigbybestie's series).

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Rigbybestie's decision for this block is to deter children from sneaking on the site to view the shows and possibly getting the website in trouble for "inappropriate programs accessible to children". Even though viewers 13 and up can sign up for a separate version of Adult Channel's site (viewing the same episodes), this is a safety precaution. Due to the nature of some of the episodes, many scenes are removed or not aired (due to how butchered they would be after cutting so many scenes.)

She also figured this would be a way for everyone in the family (and "not just mom, dad, and your older brother/sister") to watch The Adult Channel series without having to make "kid-friendly" versions. "They're good shows and to be honest, I'm sure kids really want to watch them as well. Let's just hope this doesn't get them to want to watch the films in theaters... XD"

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  • Di'angelo: The Adult Series is unable to be aired on this block due to how vulgar the humor tends to be and the show would be extremely butchered. It's also due to how Di'angelo series are already on this block and it'd be a slap in the face to anyone who likes the watching the original to see a self-parody on the same channel.
  • Bloodlove's Prequel Series was moved to Kids Channell! after being deemed "too childish" by adult viewers. This sparked an alternate controversy with parents concerned that it may "too violent and mature" for the channel (despite the channel's plans to be more outgoing and edgy than other existing channels).

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