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The Adult Channel is an adult only version of Kids Channell!. Because of the severity of some of the programming on there, the channel is restricted to the internet, where it's completely free to post anything without heavy censoring (though, there are some standards the channel goes by) like some adult cartoons today. Once again, a version of Di'angelo is the mascot for the channel, but in this case, it's the weed-addicted parody version of him from Di'angelo: The Adult Parody. Rigbybestie has four series on there: Di'angelo: The Adult Parody (mini-series), Not Safe For Work (show consisting of mini-shorts), Teufort Times, and Bloodlove

The channel's wiki was prematurely shutdown due to reasons unknown.

Description of ChannelEdit

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Lists of ProgramsEdit

Rigbybestie SeriesEdit

Original SeriesEdit

Acquired SeriesEdit

Cancelled SeriesEdit

  • Not Safe For Work (also known as NSFW (Not Safe For Work or ANYWHERE)) (Cancellation Reason: Lack of Interest from Rigbybestie.)
  • Furrington (Cancellation Reason: All the characters were retired/Lack of Interest.)


  • The Adult Channel's name is a double entendre for it being a channel for older teens and adults and how "adult channels are usually asscociated with pornos". Rigbybestie wanted people to be confused when visiting the site and believing porn was broadcast there, when instead there is only a bunch of adult-orientated cartoons (which aren't in the LEAST pornographic). While sex scenes are shown a few of the series, they are mostly off-screen, in the dark, or in close-ups of the non-offensive areas, etc., as to not upset anyone/get fined.
  • The channel's Midnight switchover is called Adult Channel: After Dark. The name is also supposed to have innuendo.
  • The Adult Channel shares its name with an older actual pornographic created in 1992 by defunct British premium channel Home Video Channel.
  • The Adult Channel Wiki was shutdown at an unknown time for a currently unknown reason. Rigbybestie spectulates is it was shutdown because of its name (which is purposely supposed to be a double entendre (because it's a channel for adults and because "adult channels" are usually associated with pornography.) and because the only two pages on the wiki ALSO have names that are double entendres of pornography). She also believes it's because of her inactivity and lack of visiors, due to the wiki being unfit for new users at the time. Also guessing by the trivia fact above, that may be another factor in its termination.

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