Stuffy Kins is an upcoming show made by Rigbybestie. The show features stuffed animals that become alive and go on adventures until it's time to come back home again to lower any suspicion from the girl that owns them. 


The plot from this show is recycled from the early idea for Di'angelo. Both plots feature the characters being alive and adventuring out in the world, being seen by other people and coming home at a certain time. The only differences are that in the Di'angelo version, only Sonja knows about this and they only came back home so they could go to sleep with her. In this version however, they have to appear to be normal stuffed animals to the girl they live with, so when it's dark, they have to come back home and lay in the position that she last left them in (or at least be still somewhere). The idea came to Rigbybestie when she was on YouTube looking at videos of people's stuffed animals being in plots similar to this.


The plot is simple: the stuffed animals (called Stuffy Kins) are alive, but have to pretend to be normal plushies around people. After the girl leaves, they become alive and leave the house. Then, from there, they get caught up in all kinds of adventures. Sometimes, the Stuffy Kins almost aren't able to be at home in enough time and almost get caught. Other times, one of them get injured and the people never understand why and believe it's the girl's fault for this. 


This is the only of Rigbybestie's cartoons to have colored outlines on the characters. This is to make them seem a little more realistic than her other cartoons. The show has fully designed backgrounds made by another artist. The animation is also similar to anime, having fluid movement and pacing. 


  • This show has the same plot as Di'angelo's in the early stages.
  • The Stuffy Kins are somewhat based on Build-a-Bears and Webkinz.