Paws is a animated series that is on the currently fictional channel Kids Channell!. It is another spin-off from Di'angelo. The show features the adventures of a anthropomorphic bipedal pet cat named Jackie. His friends vary through the show but the his continuous friends are Lashawna, a gray cat, Hayden, a miniature horse (infasist on miniature), and Tanya, his love interest.&nbsp

Show HistoryEdit

Paws started out as a spin-off of Di'angelo, that was supposed to be a modern version of the older seasons of Di'angelo and a animated version of the older comics. The characters were Di'angelo, Domino, Victoria, Jackie, and later Malti, a later addition. The show didn't catch on and due to low ratings, it was cancelled. However, in 2009, the show was brought back and retooled into a show for Jackie and his friends. The whole Di'angelo part has been edited out.


Jackie is a pet Tabby who loves his easygoing life, but loves to be on the streets. He will often be seen outside with Lashawna, a stray Domestic Shorthair, Hayden, a miniature horse, and Tanya, a pampered and often snooty Tabby. He shares his house with Rochelle, a mixed breed dog, who doesn't like him too much. The show has a slow tempo about it, with not much really going on but the animals conversing with each other and every now and then, they go on some kind of mini-adventure. Most of the plot is in the neighborhood where they live.