This is a list of the upcoming Kids Channell! shows. 

Di'angelo (2012/2013)

Di'angelo is an alive stuffed animal who lives in the world of Utopia with his friends and has to fight off various villains to save the place he calls home, while trying to sort out his own problems in his town. 

SuperHuskey! (2013)

In this spin-off from Di'angelo (from 2006), Di'angelo is a (real dog this time around) superpowered dog that saves his town from the monsters and villains that try to take over it, while trying to hide his identity from townsfolk (yes, I just said that) and the army.

Ittie Bitties (2013)

The second famous comic from Rigbybestie, the Ittie Bitties follow the lives of five miniature animals and their lives between suburban living and forest life. They recieve flack from the others of their species for not staying in the forest, like they should, but the youngest and smallest, Sonia, brought them to the human world one day and they just stuck to it.   

Auhora and Scruffy (2013)

The adventures of a purple cat and a brown dog are exploited in this show. Their various encounters in life are chonicled in every episode and it's never the same.

The Other Tales of Ponyville


JayJay Shorts

Short episodes from the JayJay and Friends show.

Di'angelo Shorts

Short episodes from Di'angelo.