Kidstoons To The Rescue! is the upcoming game for all platforms made by Kids Channell! Games. The game features most of the characters from selected KC! TV shows.


All of the characters are put on a desolate (well, seems like it at first) planet and wonder how they got there. Awkwardness goes on between the Kidstoons trying to figure out who each other is (especially Di’angelo and SuperHuskey meeting each other and wondering why the other same the same). From there, a panicked alien tells them a monster is destroying where they live and the lot of them decide to help them.

The game starts out with Di’angelo, SuperHuskey, Sonia, and Jumbo being the main characters to play in the game.  


===Playable Characters===


·         Minor
(Note: These have to be unlocked to be used.)

·         Kathy

·         ==Non-Playable Characters==




  • Daniel