Di'angelo: Stuffie Scouts! (or more commonly known as Stuffie Scouts!) is an upcoming spin-off of Di'angelo. It is described as "A mixture of the old idea for the Di'angelo series and Pound Puppies. Kinda." by Rigbybestie.


The show is somewhat based on the older Di'angelo series, where they all live together in a house, rescue and house fellow Stuffies and try to avoid authorities as much as they can. The show also mixes in a bit of Pound Puppies-ish elements as well, as they try to find homes for certain Stuffies and/or relocate their previous ones. They also work on a "Bandana Tier" basis, with some Stuffies wearing blue to purple bandana, stating their statis.


Bandana TiersEdit

  • Blue Bandanas - The top ranking Stuffie Scouts. These scouts often go on the most dangerous of missions, that could ultimately result in their deaths, but they do the job anyway. And, they do that job WELL. Di'angelo (Stuffie Scouts!) Di'angelo and Sparki are part of this tier.
  • Black Bandanas - The second set of top rated Stuffie Scouts. These scouts are known more for their work BEHIND the scenes. They're known for being tech-savvy and quite knowledgable. Their inventiveness helps in many close calls on missions. They also take part in missions at times. Milo and Domino are part of this tier]].
  • Red Bandanas -
  • Green Bandanas -
  • Yellow Bandanas - Lower ranking Stuffie Scouts, usually fresh out of training or later, that mostly do indoors work.
  • Purple Bandanas - Stuffie Scouts in training. These are usually new and/or young stuffies wanting to take part in bigger missions one day. Riggles and Blitz are part of this tier.


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