The Channell! ID is the account for the users of KidsChannell!.com.


The Channell! ID allows the users of the site to be able to save their scores, progress, or in certain games, the things they've collected.

Creating an AccountEdit

The user creates a username of their choice and a screenname. They have the option of letting the username be both the user/screenname. After this, they have the choice of keeping the default avatar, choosing a default series/object avatar created by Kids Channell!, or picking their own avatar. After this, they have the option of answering some questions that will put some of their personality and likes on their userpage (favorite series, favorite food, etc.). They also can skip it or make the answers private. Then, Kids Channell! will ask for some personal info (but, it won't be displayed on the userpage for privacy reasons) (such as birthday, age, etc). Lastly, they allow the user to design their userpage (with different wallpapers and such). 

Channell! StoreEdit

Main Article: Channell! Store

The Channell! Store is a small store that allows the users to buy more wallpapers, power-ups, etc. No real money will be used with it. The currency is still being decided.