Auhora and Scruffy logo

The Auhora and Scruffy logo (featuring Clarence).

Auhora and Scruffy is a animated children's series on the fictional [as of now] channel Kids Channell!. The plot is mostly about the adventures of Auhora a purple persian/tabby mix cat and Scruffy, a small brown mixed breed dog (we're unsure of what he is). Auhora and Scruffy has a setting of that of Ren and Stimpy and maybe Tom and Jerry, due to their living conditions and their positions in life are changed in each epiosode (i.e. They maybe pets in one episode and the next they own the house they live in).


The story starts with Auhora, a once rich cat who used to have the good life before the people who owned her tossed her out (because of her color; it was apparently horrid to her owners), she got taken to a shelter after that. Scruffy, a sweet-hearted mutt, lives with a girl, who one day adopts Auhora as a playmate for him (even though the story changes everytime they look back on how they met). Auhora was passive about Scruffy at first, treating him similar to Garfield with Odie. However, one day, when she's cornered by some stray dogs and he saves her from them, she has respect for him finally.


The synopsis of the show is strange. The two always get into some kind of misadventure, for absolutely no reason and have to get themselves out of it. They are times they go doing something that would have a bad consenquence, but they never know it at the time. They also have other characters they with in the show, like the snooty Clarence, a purebred Himalayan cat who believes he's better than the others because he's purebred. Some themes to the show is the duo trying to find a job or if they're on the streets, probably somewhere to stay or something to eat. Their status as pets never stays the same in each episode.